Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Who Was Millie Mopp?

'Drag Queen's with an attitude,
Fella's that were in the mood,
Don't just stand there, let's get to it,
Let your auntie Millie chew it...Blokes!'

Millie Mopp, 7ft 10” of Blonde Amazonian True Drag Goddess, retired from all things fabulous and hung up her now infamous ‘riah' on 29th December 2000 after a career that spanned 16 years.
Known for her re-writes of famous songs that were interpreted to fit her unique style, classics such as Madonna’s 'Vogue' became 'Millie’s Blokes', 'Any Dream Will Do' from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat became 'Any Queen Will Do/ Sue', inspired by Jason Donovan’s libel case against The Face magazine. Dressed as Baby Jane Hudson from the film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Millie sang the now infamous 'I’ve Written A Letter To Maggie' a re-write of the song, 'I’ve written A Letter to Daddy'. This was written in direct response to the passing of Section 28 by Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government. Performed all over the Gay scene by Millie, it became the ‘unofficial’ anthem for this archaic and despicable act passed to encroach on the human rights of every gay man and lesbian in Britain in 1988. It was prohibited for local authorities to 'promote' homosexuality in a positive way and labelled gay family relationships as 'pretend' . The famous line ‘your own daughter Carol's not married, maybe she’s one too’ used to receive the biggest cheer, ensuring ‘Millie-Tant Millie Mopp’ a place in gay history.

Millie Mopp worked tirelessly for many gay charities, giving her time for free and assisting in raising many thousands of pounds for worthwhile causes. Charities from Gay Pride, the Terence Higgins Trust and Crusaid benefited from her unique style, talent and patronage.

Known for her ‘Marge Simpson’ riah (Millie came before Marge by the way), Millie’s unique sense of style and stunning costumes assisted her in becoming what she set out to be…a legend in her own life time!

This blog will be a history of 'The Mopp' in words and photo's...from her humble beginnings in deepest, darkest south London; taking you on a journey into the international twilight world that was Millie Mopp, The True Drag bona!!!


Anonymous said...

Bona to vada your dolly old eek. bona pins girl.
Love Annette Kurtain xxx

Anna Glypta said...

Hello sweetie.

Thanks for the link... The site and the Archive are about to undergo a pretty faaabulous makeover in the next week or so.

BTW I am LOVING reading all this... When's Mopp's Memoirs coming out?

They'd surely be a best seller!

Take care honey!

Anna Glypta

pookie bayne said...

hellooooooooooooo fm pooooookie

ah i remember the days... i only came to london for the weekend and got caught up in all the glamour.

vee had joy.. vee had fun

Anonymous said...

One of my fondest memorise of my first nights out on the gay scene was watching the true drag goddess "Millie Mopp" at the grey hound. Many years later one night in heaven i chatted to this guy who coined the phrase "BoNA vARDA" to my amazement it was the one and only millie mopp (not in drag of course)many special nights took place after that as we became great friends and partied the weekend away. I will never forget millie for all the wonderfull happy times we spent and all she taught me about the "gay scene"! phrase like dont go jo and big old unit which will only mean something to a special few still make me smile today xxx smiler aka steve

Leilani Love said...

Darling, Millie is simply stunning! I tip my wig to her for her excellence and devotion to promoting positivity in the gay community!

Stay fierce!

Life Was A Drag said...

Leilani Love...

The Goddess thanks you for your kind words and sincerely hopes that you will watch as this history of Millie evolves. Please feel free to post your thoughts...

KTV Productions :-)

Mrs M said...

My fondest memory of Millie Mop? Well, on Mardi Gras Day here in Sydney, Australia back in the early 90's.
Such an elegant figure like Millie stood on the back of a "make do stage" which was a crappy old Wagon parked on Oxford Street in Darlinghurst. The microphone held in her perfectly manicured hand and as usual she was dressed to perfection. Millie performed a few songs while stood on the back of the wagon and the international crowd that had gathered loved her.
Spirits were high in Darlinghurst that Mardi Gras day as always but that Millie had agreed to grace our shores and perform at midday in 35 degree heat on the back of a wagon made for an even more exciting day. Always professional and her makeup didn't run?
We love you Millie - I was proud to say I had seen you perform-
Mrs M (Sydney Australia)xxxxx

glender said...

AAAghhhh the days of the Ship & Handbag,Shaggy Lays et al Thelma ,Polly,and the FAB Millie,Bona girl me and the nantoir palone love it

adamstrong said...

At last someone is taking the time to show respect and to chronicle the life and times of the goddess that was mop .
My partner and I spent many hours in the company of MIllie after she took us under her wing and we spent my happy evenings at the fridge and even helping with the great DAJA REVEIW on a Tuesday at the fridge a glamorous evening of fun and frolics .
We even had the honour of transporting the bee hive down from the upstairs dressing room .
Millie was way ahead of her time and was at that time one of the only truly original acts around the scene is a sadder place with out her and even thou others imitate they can never compare to the marvellous mop .
Will keep checking in lots of love .
Butch & Bitch

chris said...

Great to find this site. I have a photo of Miss Mopp taken at the LA I think. Will let you have a cpy if you like. All the best. love Mike

Anonymous said...

That my uncle one of the funniest blokes out.

C.Dickson (Perth)

Anonymous said...

I remember 'John' at a party in Bermondsey. The girl could act. We also had fun at Dave's funeral. I do hope that all is well. Love. M.